Here are some customers who think Vaportek has hit the mark. Read how our products have proven effective and economical for customers who faced some seriously difficult malodors. Simply click on the purple links below to read our case studies.

Oh Rats! A Rat Hoarding Situation  (click to read more!)
Products used: Restorator 

“Vaportek has saved our house and our wallets.”

Vaportek's ECOZ Safe for Wool   (click to read more!)
Products used: ECOZ 

“The ECOZ liquid line is perfect for killing odors at the source.”

A Cat Hoarding Situation   (click to read more!)
Products used: Bio-C and Vapor Shark

“I had multiple people comment on the effectiveness of removing the smell. By the end of the project I had zero noticeable smell. My wife and I have lived in the house now for a couple months and, after having our house warming party and asking people to give us their opinion, I am a total believer in the  products.”

FDA Safe!   (click to read more!)
Products used: Vapor Shark and Portable Industrial

“I have always loved my Vapor Sharks and Portable Industrials. Out of all of our equipment, the Vapor Sharks and Portable Industrials stay rented the most.”

A Home Full of Smoke   (click to read more!)
Products used: Restorator and Heavy-Duty Standalone Cartridge

“Vaportek products were an economical and effective solution. I'm sold and will be recommending the products both professionally and personally.”

When Historical Home Meets Animal Farm   (click to read more!)
Products used: Vapor Shark

“From the moment we turned on the Vapor Shark I could actually stand in the home. I did not have to wash my clothes the moment I got home. It was truly amazing!! The product allows us to work in the home, whereas I am not sure we could have ever accomplished some of the work without the Vapor Shark!!! Thanks for your GREAT products!”

Locker Room Odors Knocked Out  (click to read more!)
Products used: Heavy-Duty Standalone Cartridge and Bio-C

“…[A] major improvement in the locker room smell, as well as the  atmosphere."

Ontario Hospital Combats Autopsy and Other Odors  (click to read more!)
Products used: Optimum 4000 and ECOZ

“[The Optimum 4000] is better than any product on the market that we have used and we are very pleased with the positive results ....”

Malodor Issues at New Britain General Hospital  (click to read more!)
Products used: Optimum 4000 and ECOZ

"We are having better success with Vaportek than any other manufacturer we have tried. This is because their product is a neutralizer, not a masking agent.”

University Locker Rooms - A Stinky Situation!  (click to read more!)
Products used: Optimum 4000

“I would recommend this unit, or others in the line, to all equipment managers facing similar  situations in their locker rooms,” notes Hume.