Classic Fragrance Guide

  • BERRY (#15)

    Fragrant, light notes of raspberry, cherry, strawberry, & grape.

  • LINEN (#95)

    Bask in the scent of just-washed linens. A base of musk & balsam, blended with jasmine & rose, finishes with a soft, floral aroma.

  • OCEAN (#80)

    Invigorate with hints of marine & spice notes, blended with lavender, amber, & musk aromas.

  • FOREST (#25)

    Breathe in fresh-cut boughs. An earthyly medley of pine, cedar, & fir trees.

  • MEADOW (#75)

    Airy & light. A blend of leafy green & citrus notes, with hints of green apple, rose, jasmine, & earthy tones.

  • WINTER (#35)

    A crisp fragrance built around spruce & white fir notes, with accents of clove & peppermint.

  • GREEN APPLE (#07)

    A mouthwatering, tart fragrance comprised of a single note of green apple that is both crisp & juicy.


    Alluring & delicate cherry blossom notes are enhanced with hints of lily & ylang-ylang, all on a base of sandalwood, cedar, & warm amber.

  • LAVENDER (#50)

    Softened with notes of jasmine over a base of clean musk & a hint of smoky wood notes, this scent calms & soothes.

  • ORCHARD (#20)

    Delight in this playful combinationof apple, peach, & other fruity essences.

  • LEMON (#05)

    A refreshing burst of fresh sliced lemons. Essential in creating clean smelling environments.


    We've captured the fragrance of fresh squeezed oranges. Enjoy notes of mandarin & balsam.


    A clean, fresh fragrance blend of eucalyptus & pine oils that together create an effective, natural odor neutralizer. It's powerful ingredients are ideal for treating areas with severe malodor.

    *Odor eliminator


      Aromatic green notes of rosemary, fir and eucalyptus cool a heart of fresh fruity citrus spiced by a medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove.

    • 3X

      A pine and eucalyptus based formula that eliminates all organic odors. Our #1 recommended formula.

      *Odor eliminator

    • S.O.S. (#85)

      A formula with cinnamon high notes that is especially effective on smoke odors.

      *Odor eliminator

  • WOODLANDS (#98)

    Cedar & soft musk.

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