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Home buyers appreciate stepping into a fresh smelling house. Opening the door to a prospective new home and encountering cigarette, pet, musty, cooking, or other offensive organic odors can be a real deterrent in procuring a sale. Keep your clients from turning on their heels by treating the whole property with our systems prior to, or during an open house. Vaportek’s proprietary technology provides tangible benefits that have proven superior to candles, sprays, and plug-ins. We have treatment systems suitable for long-term continual usage, or systems that can be used as a quick, effective blast for odor neutralization.


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Endorsed Performance:

“The house had a leaking problem and never dried on the inside. Also, the previous owner used to allow their animals to roam freely through the house—they had dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, turkeys and even a pot belly pig. And of course, they did what animals will do. Awful! But from the moment we turned on the Vapor Shark I could actually stand in the home. I did not have to wash my clothes the moment I got home. It was truly amazing! The product allowed us to work in the home, whereas I am not sure we could have ever accomplished some of the work without the Vapor Shark! Thanks for your GREAT products!” Trans-Action Realty

"Our guests stay for extended periods. Proper cleaning and elimination of odors are critical to our ability to rent the suite to the next guest. Cooking and tobacco smoke odors can build up over a six-month period. I tested the Restorator unit and it surpassed all my expectations. I also liked the safety of the Vaportek technology versus our ozone-generating machines." P.B., Residence Inn

“Vaportek products [Heavy-Duty Standalones] are an economical and effective solution. I'm sold and will be recommending the products both professionally and personally.” G. Zieman, Shorewest Realty

“My horror story was that one of my clients took my recommendation on an ozone machine, and instead of running for several hours, ran for one solid week. Seven days without checking. The flexible air ducts in the house melted and he needed to replace his HVAC system! I’m recommending only Vaportek from now on!” Fine Austin Living