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The story of how Vaportek began contains a combination of good old-fashioned American ingenuity and the adaptation of an idea by the business world. In the 1960’s, a research chemist with Evinrude Outboard Motors and a self-employed chemical engineer were working on a process to prevent barnacles from attaching and sticking to boat bottoms. They developed a process by which gas was delivered through a membrane, creating a film that covered the bottom of the boat. The process worked but contained other aspects that made its application in water impractical.

As vice president of the Ventures Division of Will Ross, Inc., a nationally known healthcare and hospital supply firm, John D. Bryson became interested in this technology as a way to treat odors in hospitals and other health-related industries. The first system he developed had the shape and size of a common bread box. Bryson discovered that he could actually neutralize, not mask, odors using this new system. He accomplished this by controlling the emission of dry vapor from a replaceable plastic membrane which contained a special compound of aromatic and modified natural oils. The safely emitted dry vapors combined with malodourous molecules on contact, neutralizing them without actually changing their nature.

In the first two years following the system’s introduction, the story of its success hit the business pages of newspapers throughout the country. Initially, it was used only in hospitals and nursing homes, but it soon found acceptance in pet shops, cleaning firms, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with odor problems. Larger units for industrial use, such as tanneries, sewage treatment plants, and major manufacturing firms, were developed. When Will Ross, Inc. was purchased by the G.D. Searle Company and plans were announced to move from Milwaukee to Dallas, TX, Mr. Bryson purchased the manufacturing assets and worldwide intellectual property rights. Vaportek was incorporated as a Wisconsin company in 1979.

In the early ’80s, the company’s export business was initiated through strategic partnerships in Asia and Europe. John D. Bryson, Jr. was appointed president in 1991 and followed in his father’s creative footsteps by introducing the company’s popular impregnated fiber pad products. They now comprise a significant segment of Vaportek’s standard and custom product line.

Through product modification and enhancement, Vaportek continues to expand into additional markets. Our industrial products have made a significant impact on the disaster restoration industry, offering a safe, effective alternative to ozone-generating, fogging, masking, and chemical odor control methods.

A dedicated workforce at our Sussex, WI headquarters manufactures quality products, which continue to be marketed around the world by an established network of national franchises and international distributors. Long-time international partnerships now include Europe, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, and other countries/regions. This combination of national and international dealers has allowed Vaportek to grow and succeed since 1979. We look forward to maintaining our tradition of innovative, environmentally preferable technology in the years ahead.



Our manufacturing facility is in Sussex, Wisconsin. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love our environmentally preferable products! However, if you aren't completely satisfied with our products after using them, we’d be happy to reimburse you as our valued customer. Any claims on products purchased directly from Vaportek must be made within 30 days of purchase. Products purchased thorough Vaportek dealers must go through dealer of originating sale. Any equipment that is manufactured by Vaportek is covered by a five year limited warranty. Products defective from manufacturing error will be replaced. Please see the terms of our warranties for complete details. This warranty applies only to products sold and used in the United States.

Our Mission

Vaportek’s mission is to responsibly serve its customers, employees, and the environment. Through dynamic product innovation, environmental awareness, and dedication to service, Vaportek is committed to the continuation of building on its reputation as a leader in air treatment technology. We are proud to produce ozone-free and hydroxyl-free products.

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