Gardening hydroponically and/or in traditional large-scale indoor or home environments can release odors. Humidity, the use of fertilizers and other nutrient solutions, as well as organic matter and bacteria are typical causes of these odors. Measures can be taken to reduce odors, but often times they persist. To combat grow room odors, Vaportek’s safe, environmentally friendly treatment systems are easy to use and do not adversely affect people, plants, or pets.

Vaportek has been treating odors in this market, with our patented dry vapor technology, since 1979. Using our proven complex essential oils, Vaportek can be trusted to treat your hydroponic needs without changing the taste or smell of your plants.


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Vaportek was featured in CNN Money 3/9/15: 
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Endorsed Performance:

“The Vapor Shark was able to effectively control the strong odors that emanate during the harvesting and trimming aspects of growing and processing medical cannabis. This makes that part of the process much easier to complete because the strong odors normally associated with this aspect  are not affecting the surrounding environment. Also the Optimum 4000 did an amazing job controlling medical cannabis odors during medicated smoking in hotel and home settings. There was actual visible smoke in the air in the room, yet the room smelled of cinnamon from the Vaportek machine.”   — Med-Fresh, Inc.

“Nothing beats Vaportek for odor elimination! I used to own a mold abatement and fire restoration company and Vaportek products were our product-of-choice for odor elimination. If using Vaportek products for a grow, place the unit inside the grow area. The vapor will not harm plants. Many who run Vaportek products run a unit inside and a unit outside the grow for fail-safe protection.”  Amazon Product Review

“I love the product.” Sunflower Supplies

“Our customers have used Vaportek for over 8 years to combat the persistent odors associated with indoor gardening. It is a tried and true odor solution that masks malodors and makes them nearly undetectable. We have found that combining Vaportek with one of our HID Hut Carbon Cannon filters to keep a room under negative pressure is an end-all problems solution. Even better is the fact that you can use the 3X Standalone cartridges in conjunction with nearly any garden's duct fans.” HID Hut, Inc.

“I believe the product does what is claimed. For smaller gardens we like the flexibility of the Vaportronic wall cabinet and disks. For the larger gardens we recommend the Optimum 4000 with the variable release. Vaportek has an exceptional line of products with phenomenal results. If you have an indoor garden and are serious about odor control, then Vaportek is a company you need to look into.” Alternative Garden Supply