Fire & Flood Restoration

Vaportek products have been proven effective with even the most difficult fire and flood odors. Unlike our competitors in this market, our products are ozone, hydroxyl, and fogger free. We have solutions for contents restoration.

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Restoration Solutions

Endorsed Performance:

“I've been using Vaportek for years now and they have worked great for me. I don't have to worry about anybody getting sick or drying out window/door/refrigerator seals. I find it works best when I clean the carpets and upholstery first and place a cartridge in for 24 hours. I've never had a call back!” Dedicated Cleaning Systems

“An unbearable smoke odor clung to all the porous clo, and the department managers had a crisis on their hands. They were expecting to replace all the merchandise, which would involve days of down time to reorder, ship in, and restock the racks and shelves…[After using Vaportek products,] the managers inspected the stock on the third day and found the results unbelievable. They could not detect a trace of smoke odor on any merchandise.” American/Bionics Corp.

"I've successfully used the Vapor Shark to mitigate odors from all kinds of fires. The Vapor Shark never failed me! The products [were] so effective - and a lot safer than ozone - that we just stopped using ozone. When using ozone-generating machines, we told customers they would have to evacuate their homes. We put up warning signs and sealed job sites. The precautions really scared customers, especially seniors. Customers became very anxious about our procedures. Using Vaportek products, we didn't have to deal with any of that. Vaportek is a better way of doing business." Purofirst

“[Vaportek units] were plugged in at opposite ends of the dining room and bar and we noticed the effects immediately. We left the units running continuously and within a couple of days members started commenting on the freshness of the air in the bar and dining areas. The units were so effective that even the smoke odors trapped in the carpeting and draperies were neutralized and smelled odor-free.” Director of Housekeeping for the Westmoor Country Club