Learn about many commonly asked questions. If you still have questions, contact us!

Q. Where are your products made?

A. Vaportek manufactures and assembles all of its products in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Q. Do you have retail locations where I can purchase products?
A. No, our products are distributed through a network of authorized dealers across the country and around the world. Contact us for a dealer near you.

Q. Can people, pets, and plants remain in the area where your products are working?
A. Yes, it is safe to do so. In fact, Vaportek's products started in the medical field and are still found in hospital settings around the world.

Q. What do you mean by “neutralizing odors?”
A. Traditional odor control has involved either masking odors with a heavy perfume or desensitizing the olfactory senses of the persons subject to a smell. Our product works by combining, or pairing, our aromatic oils compound with malodors. The result is either a substantially reduced odor or no odor at all. We have additional product literature available to address this matter.

Q. Will the offensive smell return?
A. Vaportek products work safely and quickly to remove embedded odors by permeating surfaces in affected areas with a neutralizing, dry vapor that is created by diffusing natural aromatic oils into the air. If the source of the odor is removed prior to treatment, malodors will not return.

Q. Do your products have a smell?
A. Yes, our products use pure essential oils. These oils have aromatic qualities, such as pine, eucalyptus, orange, and more. Our products do have a characteristic scent; however, when used correctly, Vaportek should not be perceived as a very strong presence. To accelerate the dissipation period after treatment, simply open windows and turn on floor fans. Please see our Fragrance Guide for more information about our available fragrances and the products they're associated with.

Q. I have severe asthma/allergies. Can I use your product?
A. Generally, Vaportek’s products do not cause negative reactions. However, for individuals with severe allergies to trees, plants, or flowers, Vaportek’s line of air treatment products could produce allergic reactions. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. See our Fragrance Sensitivity Statement.

Q. How are your systems different from ozone, hydroxly, foggers, or ionizers?
A. Ozone is a regulated toxic gas often touted as a solution to all types of indoor pollutants and interior contamination after disasters. You can find out more about the whole story of ozone generators from the U.S. government’s EPA website (www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/ozonegen.html). Ozone oxidizes everything it contacts. People are advised not to be around running ozone generators for health reasons (see our Products page for more information). Our system does not oxidize; instead, our products emit a dry vapor, composed of natural oils, to control odors in the air and odors embedded in porous surfaces (see Technology page for more information).

Q. Are your products toxic?
A. Our products are regarded as safe and nontoxic when used as directed. Safety Data Sheets can be found on our website under the SDS page. See our Safety Policy Statement.

Q. Is there any guarantee on your products?
A. Yes. If you are not completely satisfied, we stand behind our products. Any claims must be made within 30 days of purchase. Please see the terms of our warranties for complete details. See Our Company page as well.

Q. Which of your fragrances controls smoke (including tobacco) best?
A. Our S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) was specifically formulated for use in fire and smoke restoration situations. S.O.S. is available for use in the Heavy-Duty Standalone Cartridge, Restorator, Restorator DUO, Vapor Shark, and Portable Industrial.

Q. How long should I use a Restorator or Restorator
A. Typically, auto detailers use the units for 1-3 hours to get rid of embedded odors. The nature and extent of contamination will require adjusting length of treatment time to suit the problem. See both product's Tech Data and Use & Operation Manual linked on their page.

Q. Do you have any product testimonials that I can read?
A. Yes. See our Testimonial page for most recent case studies. We have dozens of other product use stories available upon request. Quotes on specific products can also be found on our Markets page.

Q. Do you provide private label or specially configured products for distributors and other manufacturers?
A. Absolutely. We provide millions of products under well-known brand names, and would be pleased to work with you for special products. Let us know the details of your needs and we can let you know our ideas.

Q. Do you have dealers in foreign countries?
A. Yes. Please contact us for a dealer near you.

Q. Do you have a Product Guide or any other general literature on all your products?
A. Yes. To view a PDF version of our Product Guide please click here

A. Yes. Please click here to view it.